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To help me beat stress, pain and problems as soon as I download and listen.

How will albums from The Wellness Audio Institute benefit me?

Brainwave Entrainment Benefits The albums from the Wellness Audio Institute allow you to unleash the power of your own mind using brainwave entrainment. These albums use proven brainwave entrainment techniques - such as Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Hemispheric Synchronization - to help improve your life.

Our brainwave entrainment albums help you overcome bad habits, sharpen your focus, combat issues like ADHD and depression, increase your energy level and empower your creative thinking processes. Whether you need help sleeping, relaxing, meditating or just want to make positive changes in your life, we have a brainwave entrainment album that's just right for you.

Album Testimonial

For the first time in my life I am on the path to Wellness and Happiness thanks to the support that your albums are providing me. Thank you for making self-improvement and wellness so easy!


Sandra C.

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Life-Time Guarantee

Satisfaction Lifetime Guaranteed We are so confident in the success rate of our albums that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply put, if you do not experience a positive, life-changing experience from using our albums, we will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. This guarantee applies not just for the first week, or the first 30 days, but for LIFE!

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