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Thanks for coming and checking out the Wellness Audio Institutes site.

The albums on this page are my personal favorites.

You must remember however that these products won't work if you don't remember to use them. Next time you are thinking of picking up the phone to call your husband or wife because you are angry or wanting them to apologize or come home, instead I want you to listen to one of these audio tracks. Once you are calm and happy again then I want you to forget about them for awhile and instead work on your own plans and goals.

You will become stronger, happier, healthier and more attractive if you can learn this new skill.

You shouldn't need other people to feel good. With the help of these albums below your state of mind will soon be under your own command.
That doesn't mean you are going to ignore injustice or abuse in your home. Quite the opposite, being more emotionally independent will put you in a much better position to deal with injustice or abuse effectively and begin growing into someone who is both respected and loved in your family.
That will take time sure, but where are you going to be in a year if you don't learn this vital new skill?

So please get started today and read through the comments below to see which albums are for you ...

Kim Cooper
Host of The Love Safety Net

Kim Cooper's Recommended Audios

Alpha Relaxation

"Whenever I need to wind down and relax, I play this album. I love the relaxing variety of soothing music, relaxing forest or gentle rain on the six tracks that are included. The album also contains two deep alpha sessions that help me achieve a greater state of relaxation when I really need it."

Brief Relaxation Breaks

"What I like best about this album is that I can use it when I am short on time, but still need to relax. The six sessions in this album are all aimed at giving you a quick stress reliever in the form of a short break from your day's concerns. Have 10 minutes and need to relax fast? Then this album is for you!"

Anxiety Reduction

"The recordings on the Anxiety Reduction album are my personal secret for helping me handle anxiety. This album has truly helped me relax and gain control of my life. I like the multiple sessions that battle your anxiety from different angles. Some people may respond better to one session or another, but the variety of sessions guarantees that there is a session in here that can help you."

Ocean Waves for Sleeping

"I am in love with this album! Whenever I'm having a hard time sleeping, this album sends me to 'dream-land' in an easy, all-natural way, without the harmful side-effects of sleeping pills or other drugs. The variety of sessions means that there is something to help anyone sleep better. And, while this album has my favorite - the sound of the ocean waves - if you find other nature sounds more relaxing, there are more amazing sleep albums in the "Trouble Sleeping" category above."

Chronic Pain Relief

"The technology behind the Chronic Pain Relief is amazing. In short, it uses Sub-Delta frequencies to calm your limbic system because these frequencies can help with conditions that cause chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. It works by soothing the hypothalamus and the amygdala, which operate at Delta frequencies... Simply incredible if you ask me. And it works! And, there is even a session to help you sleep at night!"

Energy & Motivation

"Whenever I need to get something done, and I'm feeling tired or not very motivated, I just put these on and push play! Within minutes the three Energy & Motivation sessions quickly and easily ramp up my energy and motivate me to get moving again. And, unlike energy drinks or other unhealthy ways people use to get quick energy, this album is all-natural and completely healthy!"

Immune System Support

"This one is amazing! Who knew that sounds could help you stay healthy by keeping your immune system strong? Well, the scientists at The Wellness Audio Institute I guess, because they developed this album and it really works. With a single, powerful session that will assist you in entering a stress-free meditative state, this album enables your mind to rejuvenate and refresh your body's immune system, helping it to function at its optimal levels."

Mood Elevator & Support

"Do you ever need help getting into a good mood? I do sometimes! And, this is the album that I turn to whenever I'm feeling 'under the weather' or 'blue' and I need some help feeling better. The great thing about this album is that there are three sessions - one for general mood support, one for depression, and one for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) caused by the change of light in winter time. So, whatever your needs, this album will have you feeling better in no time!"

Stress Relief

"I learned just how powerful the Stress Relief album was when I was experiencing a period of really high stress this past year. I tried it once in the middle of the stress, and found that it quickly worked to relax my mind and body, relieving my stress and enabling me to get back in control of my own mental state. Needless to say, this album quickly found it's way onto my favorite playlists... and it's still there today."

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